The darker the night, the brighter the star, Trotsky’s struggle against Stalinism Paul LeBlanc and Tom Twiss (

Socialist Strategy and the 3rd Comintern Congress John Riddell and Mike Taber (wearemany)

Rosa Luxemburg’s Reform or Revolution Paul LeBlanc (wearemany)

 United Front versus popular front, Marxist strategy and tactics  John McDonald (wearemany)

 Dialectics: the logic of Marxism  Shaun Harkin (wearemany)
Anarchism a Marxist Critique Marxism 2017 Australia


Wealth Distribution in the US 

Marxism and Women’s Liberation Sharon Smith/Abbie Bakan (

Overproduction in Capitalism: Greece on the Brink 

All Out General Strike: Greece on the Brink 

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Ted Grant Speaks to Militant Tendency Rally 1984

Ernest Mandel:  A Life for the Revolution