Trump’s Dangerous Saber-Rattling

During the presidential election campaign, both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump favored a stepped-up military component of foreign policy. They differed on what the main target should be. Clinton aimed at Russia, while Trump singled out China. By Barry Sheppard Clinton not only wanted to continue the policy of both Republican and Democratic administrations since … Continue reading Trump’s Dangerous Saber-Rattling


U.S. Hands Off North Korea!

U.S. Hands Off North Korea! No To The Imperialist War Drive! Resistance Editorial The so-called "America First" budget put forward by Trump includes a 10% increase in military spending. This increases what is already the world's largest military budget by $56 billion. The cost of this increase will be balanced on the backs of the … Continue reading U.S. Hands Off North Korea!

Dangerous Escalation of U.S. Wars in the Offing

  Much more could have been written, including Trump's $54 billion increase in the already bloated war budget, and the Obama-Trump one trillion dollar program to "modernize" the nuclear arsenal, including developing smaller bombs that would make their use more likely. The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists has moved their doomsday clock up to 2 minutes … Continue reading Dangerous Escalation of U.S. Wars in the Offing