The Communist Manifesto by Marx and Engels 

Principles of Communism by Frederick Engels

Socialism on Trial by James P. Cannon

Understanding History by George Novack

Liberalism, Ultraleftism, or Mass Action by Peter Camejo

Socialism Made Easy by James Connoly

The Revolutionary Answer to the Negro Problem in the US by CLR James, 1948

If Socialism Fails: The Specter of 21st Century Barbarism by Ian Angus

Marxism and Feminism

The Challenge of the Matriarchy by Evelyn Reed

Women: Caste, Class, or Oppressed Sex by Evelyn Reed, 1970

Marxism, feminism, and women’s liberation by Sharon Smith

Education for Socialists Bulletins

Alliances and the Revolutionary Party

United Front Vs. Popular Front

What is American Fascism?

Counter-mobilization:  A Strategy To Fight Racist and Fascist Attacks

Militant (UK) Education Booklets

Booklet No. 1 – The State… How the Capitalists Control Society by Mike Waddington

Booklet No. 4 – How Capitalism Works by Pete Watson

Study Guides

The Communist Manifesto by K. Marx and F. Engels, Marxists Internet Archive

Socialism: Utopian and Scientific by F. Engels

Wage Labor and Capital Marx and Engels

Left Wing Communism, an infantile disorder by Lenin

The Transitional Program by Trotsky

State and Revolution by Lenin