Resistance is a Marxist publication for an era of growing polarization and crisis. As the neoliberal consensus breaks down and increasingly reactionary forces lurch their way toward power, we seek to build a new fightback of workers and the oppressed in the United States.

To build this fightback, we need an independent mass party based in the working class which takes part in every struggle against cuts and oppression. Such a party must come from the trade unions and social movements – against war, for Black lives, against deportation, for women’s rights, for LGBTQI equality, against climate change – that stand against the ruling class in the United States and internationally. There is no way forward with capitalist parties.

We seek to analyze events and develop ideas based on the method of revolutionary Marxism and advocate mass action against the attacks of the capitalist, racist, imperialist ruling class. We orient toward the mass organizations of the working class, and see no shortcuts on the road to a revolutionary party.

Resistance is put forward by a network of socialist activists with a common outlook on class independence and mass action. We invite anyone who shares this perspective to join us.