Resistance Editorial.

After an attack in Syria involving chemical weapons, US President Donald Trump launched a major attack on airfields in the country, firing over 50 Tomahawk missiles and killing at least 6. In doing so, Trump dangerously escalated the ongoing conflict, where a civil war has been raging since 2011. The US and Russia have both had levels of military involvement in the conflict, and the escalation has caused Russia to ominously cancel the coordination of military aircraft in Syrian airspace.

Trump blames the Syrian government for the chemical attack, and said, “Even beautiful babies were cruelly murdered in this very barbaric attack.” Yet over the past two and a half months, Trump has done everything possible to stop Syrian refugees from entering the United States. The glaring hypocrisy of this position is never even acknowledged. Trump cannot claim to be defending the Syrian people while stoking Islamophobia in the US and abroad. There is no progressive role for US imperialism in Syria. Any military involvement can only complicate the situation and lead to potentially larger wars. And it is especially galling that Trump can waste tens of millions of dollars on missiles while slashing necessary social programs at home.

Resistance gives no political support to the regime of Bashar al-Assad. However, we are without reservation against any attack on Syria by the US government. The Syrian people cannot be liberated from without by US bombs, and no settlement brokered in Washington will be a victory for the workers, poor, and oppressed in Syria. For this reason we say: US Hands Off Syria!

The antiwar movement in the United States has largely disappeared; the last massive antiwar action was held when George W. Bush was still President. We need a new antiwar movement, formed around simple, unequivocal slogans: US Hands Off Syria and US Hands off North Korea, both as immediate demands. Individuals and groups in the movement may have their own views on each of these governments, but we need to build maximum unity of action on the streets around “Out Now”-style demands. We also see the need for this movement to be directed in a democratic fashion, with mass meetings and one person – one vote as a bedrock principle.

War has spilled over from a danger into a present reality. The time to act is now.

US Hands Off Syria! US Hands Off North Korea!

US Out of the Middle East and Afghanistan!

Money for Jobs, Education, and Healthcare, Not War!

Not One More Day, Not One More Dollar!


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